Payroll Services

A More Complete Payroll Process with Superior Customer Service

Our clients know they can count on us to bring complete peace of mind when it comes to payroll. Although vital to your business, payroll is a very demanding and exacting duty requiring time and expertise without any direct return on your investment. Hundreds of business owners are saving time and money, as well as avoiding unnecessary hassle, by outsourcing their payroll to GPS.

Processing Payroll

When it comes to processing payroll, our solutions are easy to use, accurate and dependable. We support a wide variety of communication methods. From phone, fax, and multiple online solutions, processing payroll takes only minutes per pay period. Best of all, our platform immediately calculates your entire payroll totals and tax liabilities for your review and approval thereby eliminating any surprises for you or your employees.

At GPS, you immediately receive the information you need to manage your business along with fast and accurate resolution to any questions or issues that may arise. Regardless of how you choose to input your payroll, our cutting edge technology allows clients to securely and instantly view a complete history of their payroll, tax, and management records online.

Full range of solutions

As you know, entering payroll data is only a small part of completing the whole cycle of paying your taxes and employees accurately and on time. As part of our comprehensive payroll suite, GPS offers a full-range of tax, automated payment and compliance solutions. Our clients depend on us to eliminate the risk associated with preparing, filing and paying payroll taxes. GPS ensures your company’s compliance with all federal, state, and local authorities while staying up to date with the ever-changing tax laws and requirements.

In fact, GPS assumes full financial responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of all tax deposits and returns made on our client’s behalf. Our clients never need to worry about managing complex tax preparation and filing requirements. GPS takes the pain out of paying taxes and staying compliant, GUARANTEED!

Freedom to choose

For your convenience, we also offer a wide range of employee payment solutions. From traditional paper checks to direct deposit to debit cards, we give you the freedom to choose the options that best suit your company’s needs. Our payment options are specifically designed to reduce administration, improve overall productivity and increase employee satisfaction.

Customized to your needs

Every business has unique needs and demands. GPS offers a comprehensive menu of specialized products and services to accommodate your business. A sampling of our solutions include: time and attendance systems and reporting, retirement plan integration, workers compensation reporting, laser check signing, labor distribution, job costing, general ledger reporting and interfacing, and certified payrolls.

Finally, we offer a full suite of easy-to-read and comprehensive management reports available in traditional paper format and online. For clients with complex needs, we provide a robust report writing tool and customized reports.

Whether your payroll needs are simple or complex, our dedicated customer service team will consult with you to build the best payroll solutions for your business.