Time & Labor Management

Innovation, Technology and Accuracy

GPS provides you with time and attendance solutions designed to meet the needs of your business and save you money.

We offer:

  • A variety of solutions from punch-in to payroll
  • Web-based employee maintenance and systems management
  • Time systems that integrate with our payroll platform
  • The industry’s leading time and attendance values

Time Is Money

In a growing business, tracking hours of numerous employees can be a real challenge especially with multiple shifts, departments or locations. Translating those hours into a payroll check can often be an even bigger hassle. Our Time & Attendance solutions replace manual methods of tracking employee hours and manual systems with cost effective, state of the art time management solutions.

Employees can use a variety of methods to record their time: key pad, swipe cards, the internet, remotely from any phone, or by hand or finger recognition.

All of these methods capture hours and attendance with accuracy and ease, and make the results available instantly for management purposes. Employees can have access to their time sheets to view and approve – eliminating any questions at the end of the pay period.


  • Working rules can be set to determine how the employees’ time is recorded – thus reducing or eliminating the amount of administrative work needed to correct punch details.
  • Missing time can be addressed instantly, not at the end of the week, helping to ensure a more accurate attendance record.
  • Time-Off can be properly recorded and accounted for, thereby eliminating questions regarding taken vacation, personal, and sick time.
  • Business owners and managers can add, edit, and approve any details of an employee’s time record at any time with 24/7 access.
  • Access and functionality can be easily set to match the unique needs of each administrator, supervisor, manager or employee.

Managing and approving time and attendance is the first step in the process. Translating that information into your payroll is the second step. Our systems make that process easy as well. Once you have finalized the information for the pay period, you decide how you would like to transfer the data to us. You can: create and send us a file, notify us it is ready to be imported, or using our online payroll system, import the file directly.

Built-In Reporting

  • Time and Attendance Reports
  • Management Reports
  • Human Resource Reports
  • Labor Cost Reports
  • Schedule reports
  • Payroll reports
  • Accrual/Banking Reports